Free and Premium corporate to small business wordpress themes

  Are you looking for small business, corporate business, service business ready made and easy to setup website then you came to right place. Here is list of 50 plus wordpress themes that you can buy it for cheap and customize yourself or through freelancer website like,, We have selected 50 best website that ready to go live in 1 hour. All this website are in wordpress. Wordpress is open source technology. Its content management system. You can find wordpress hosting for very cheap price. There are many free wordpress hosting out there. This business theme can [...]

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How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

Importing bookmarks and other data to Firefox is pretty easy. I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to import all your favorites/bookmarks to Mozilla Firefox from Google Chrome browser. 1. Click on the small task-list looking icon right next to the star icon in the toolbar. Then click on "Show All Bookmarks" to open the new window called "Library".     2. In the "Library" window, click the "Import and Backup" button from the toolbar and then click "Import Data From Another Browser..."     3. From the new window named "Import Wizard" that opens select the browser "Chrome" [...]

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16 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes Which You Can Manage On Your Own

I have catered a collection of most comprehensive Real Estate Wordpress Themes for you. These themes are equipped with all the features required in a real estate theme like listing edits, social media integration, features listings, Google Map Integrations,  agent's profiles, SEO friendly design, responsive layout, easily customizable, theme options and a easy to use dashboard. Use these themes to create an impression on your customers and showcase your properties. The list features premium and free themes. The premium themes are on the top and as you scroll down you will find the free themes. All the themes listed here [...]

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How to Delete Contacts on iPhone The Easier Way

I assume we know how to delete contact from your iOS device: Goto the in-built "contacts" app Choose the contact to delete Click on "Edit" from the top-right corner Scroll all the way down till you find the "Delete Contact" button. Click that button It will ask for a reconfirmation. And you are done deleting your contact! Its not too much work when we are talking about deleting just one contact, but when it comes to couple to contacts when you have a big address book it gets time consuming and annoying. So, is there a way to delete multiple [...]

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Smartphones and Tablets apps for designers

Apps for Smartphones and Tablets Are Making Designers Highly Creative The field of designing apps is totally creative. App Designers show their incredibility in app designing. Apps must be created such that every app works on every browser-friendly device. Apps can be used on smartphones, tablets, androids and other browser-friendly devices. An app must possess the feasibility to work under any Operating System and browser. Apps for designers make their work easy to do on the smartphones and tablets. Many apps are available that suits the needs of interior designers, artists and other creative designers. Designers used to design a roughly on papers using pencil. Modern designers use the stylus and tablet for their designing work. At this context, there are some apps designed exclusively for designers that can be used on tablets and smartphones. […]

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How To Setup And Host Website With GoDaddy

Do you want to have a personalized website like Now that you are here reading this post it means you have decided to setup and host a website on your own. I have done this a lot of times, but let me tell you something before we can get started. Setting up and hosting a website on your own is a time consuming process (especially if you are new to it) and may/or may not save you a lot of can give it a go if you are just looking to jump into learning something new! In this post [...]

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