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Smartest tool to analyze your competitors SEMrush

Every online marketeers, lot of business owner and digital marketers always try to reinvent the wheel for digital marketing. They always try to find big ideas and in doing so they spend so much time and resources. But there are a lot of easier ways to solve that issue and avoid a headache. Easiest way to learn is do to so from your competitors. I know a lot you might be thinking "if there's competition its hard for me to succeed as there are a lot of others with whom I will be competing against!" But think about it this way, more competition [...]

5 Types Of eCommerce Platforms To Start Your Online Store

Are you business owner or an entrepreneur looking to start your own online eCommerce business? Do you want to get your eCommerce website up and running in just a few days. Here I will explain you how you can start your eCommerce website, up and running for less then $300. Yest you heard it right, in less than $3oo! This step by step guide will help you in understanding what you will need? Where can you get help from? What to look for? And how much it will cost? There are many types of ready-made eCommerce platforms out there and I will talk about [...]

How To Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most used social media network in the world with around 200 million active monthly users and 500 million average tweets per day. These numbers are enough to prove that ignoring Twitter from your marketing strategy would be a big mistake. Every blogger out there should be using Twitter to get spread the reach of your content and increase your website's traffic. Social media marketing is no easy task and if you don't strategize your efforts you wont see satisfying results. But thankfully there are some pretty cool tools and services out there that help us streamline our efforts [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Review

What is it? Samsung has long been in a tussle of power with Apple. It was expected that the Apple iPhone would clean sweep all the sales in the whole world and become the most popular smart phone of all time with one model. Unfortunately, that was not to be, because the release of the Galaxy S2 from Samsun reverted the whole impetus and made it the most powerful and the most successful mobile phone at present. However, similar success has not been enjoyed by Samsung in the tablet market, where it aims to overthrow iPad.  Samsung released a variety of [...]

Microsoft Surface Tablet Preview

What is it? Probably the biggest hype created in the tablet market was the announcement a couple of weeks back about Microsoft’s first foray in to this market. The iPad is still the unprecedented champion when it comes to tablets, but it seems like Microsoft have upped the ante, with the announcement of Windows 8 and Windows RT Pro for the latest Microsoft tablet, dubbed Microsoft Surface. At a keynote conference, the new tablet was unveiled by the CEO of Microsoft, and after the presentation was over, there were many positive things that were said. How it Works The Microsoft Surface [...]

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Kindle Fire Review

What is it? There are a number of different tablets that are available in the market, manufactured by various different companies. Tablets are becoming a popular means of handling everyday tasks such as mail checking, video playing, pictures and video playing. Multimedia usage on tablets is on the rise, and various companies have now picked up on it and begun to stylize and customize their tablets accordingly with different apps such as Netflix, etc. to help consumers. One of the tablets that were highly successful at the time of its release was the Kindle Fire, which is still going strong in [...]

Google Nexus 7 review

What is it? The Google Nexus 7 was a surprise announcement at the Google Keynote Conference. Apart from the introduction of Google Glass, the Google Nexus 7 was the next big talking point of the conference. In basic terms, it is a 7” tablet that is centered on multimedia, and mainly focuses upon video playback, movies, etc. For people who are interested in watching shows, downloading and renting movies as well as being able to access their media through a tablet, the Google Nexus 7 is the perfect device for them to buy.  However, the device has not even gone on [...]

Asus Transformer Prime Review

What is it? The Asus Transformer Prime was the first tablet that pushed the boundaries of dual core technology and pushed the limit by introducing a quad core processor. It was the first tablet of its kind to make use of a the nVidia Tegra 3 quad core processor. Designed by Asus as a successor to its Eee Pad, the Transformer Prime is a beautiful, sleek device that provides maximum functionality. Just like its predecessor, the Asus Transformer Prime can be converted in to an on the go computing device with the help of the laptop dock, or the Eee Station, [...]

Windows 8 Tablet Surface – Release Date, Specs and Prices

What is it? Windows 8 is going to be the biggest operating system announcement of 2012, and it is bound to go a long way after release. Developers, programmers and users alike are all anticipating the release of what Microsoft calls as its biggest, most functional and most powerful Windows operating system to date. Microsoft entered the mobile phone market with the release of the Windows Phone 7, which was updated to 7.5 soon after. The OS was well received, and fared quite well upon its release. However, it is touted that the release of Windows 8 will set the mobile [...]

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Viddy App Review

What is it? There are a number of different video sharing apps in the App Store, but not many can rival the success heralded by Viddy. A compact, easy to use and simply designed app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Viddy lets you use the videos in your phone, or make new ones, edit them properly and then upload them to Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. The application is quite simple, and the different number of features that it provides certainly makes it a top product. This can be seen from the fact that over the past few months, this app [...]

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