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Problems with my WhatsApp – What do I do?

Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging tools that is used in the world today. With over a hundred million downloads done each on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store, the popularity commanded by this instant messaging app cannot be denounced. At present, it holds a humongous user base and caters to an approximate half of the smart phone user base. So, if there are any problems, here are a few frequently asked questions in order to make your WhatsApp usage much easier: WhatsApp Messenger I can’t install WhatsApp- What do I [...]

Plants vs Zombies 2 released in Australia and New Zealand

The App Stores of Australia and New Zealand has already received the sequel to one of the most popular mobile games in the world at present; Plants vs Zombies 2. Even though EA, the publisher of the Plants vs Zombies franchise had stated that the game wouldn’t be able to make its deadline, which was set at July 18th, it seems that the game has already begun to appear in the App Stores around the globe. However, for people who are getting excited, it would be wise to hold on to their horses for now, since it is likely that the [...]

Tips & Tricks For iPhone Photography

In a world where DSLRs and EVILs and point and shoots are very common, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting a good camera. However, imagine lugging around a DSLR around your neck every day. It will surely tire you down. Hence, a DSLR is only useful for taking planned pictures. But ever so often, it happens that the photographer inside you comes to life and you are treated with an amazing shot. But, without a camera, you can’t capture that shot. That is why the term ‘iPhone Photography’ is becoming increasingly popular, with a number of [...]

New Auto Pause Feature Updated in Pandora App

The amount of competition within the music streaming industry is rapidly increasing, and what with companies such as Apple and Twitter also hoping to introduce themselves in to this highly lucrative business, it seems as if every single music streaming service within the market is trying to up the ante by introducing new features and a much more improved navigation interface. Now, with an increasing amount of focus being placed on music streaming apps (since the mobile app industry is easily the largest), numerous different mobile streaming services have introduced new features. For instance, Apple just introduced a new beta version [...]

iOS in the car provides AirPlay support over WiFi

When the latest version of Apple’s famed operating system, the iOS 7 was introduced to the world back in June at the WWDC, there were a whole host of different features that the company introduced. For starters, it introduced a panoramic 3d wallpaper that was very unique, and with that came a slew of different improvements and modifications to build upon the second most popular mobile operating system in the whole world. The good thing about iOS 7 is that it introduces a number of features for drivers as well, and with BMW and Audi already announcing that they are going [...]

How to manually transfer media to your iPhone with iTunes 11

If you have an iPhone, iPod or an iPad, you will likely want to input the songs and media that you have on your computer in order to enhance its functionality. However, in order to prevent piracy, Apple doesn’t offer a complete mass storage device option. Instead, if you wish to connect your iPhone/ iPod or iPad to your computer, you must install Apple’s stand alone media management program, which goes by the name of iTunes. iTunes is available on Apple’s official website, and can be downloaded for free. Once you have downloaded iTunes, here’s how to get started: Transfer [...]

Google Keep: An Alternative to EverNote?

At present, if you are a smart phone user, you are very likely to be using a mobile note taking app. Note taking and reminder apps are a dime a dozen. From Color Note to Ever Note, there are thousands of different note taking apps available in the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. However, Google has now decided to enter the fray as well, and has introduced Google Keep, its own stand alone note taking app. At present, Google Keep is available only on the Google Play Store, but as is obvious, you can expect an iOS [...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is by far one of the best mobile handsets currently available in the market, if not the very best. Having been introduced to the world at large in March, the Galaxy S4 has received rave reviews and with the number of different options that the handset has to offer, it is certainly a must buy for people who are looking for a device that not only provides them with the very best in terms of communication, but also takes functionality and feasibility to a completely new level. However, did you know that there are a number of [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One Google Play Editions: Which one should you choose?

The standard Nexus Experience of Android, which comes without any skins attached, is regarded as one of the best from Google. Coming with all the features and being highly responsive, you can understand why the original Android experience is so widely heralded. However, only Google offers this experience, with its native Nexus line. So when two of the biggest phones to have come out on Android (the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One) were released, it was little wonder that Google might release the standard Nexus experience on those two phones as well. And so, it did. Both the Galaxy S4 [...]

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How to set a song as ringtone on iPhone

For many people, the present ringtones that are made available within the iOS aren’t really up to the mark. Very few people prefer the shrill sound of a standard telephone, which is why setting a song on your iPhone as a ringtone is a great idea. And because there very few default ringtones provided by iPhones you get confused on whose phone is ringing where are a soem iPhone users sitting in the same room. It always happens to my workplace and everyone starts checking their phones and then laugh out load after realizing it wasn't their phone..:D. We always have [...]