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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5s

The mobile giants Samsung and Apple are once again at loggerheads with `mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best of us all…’. The latest gadgets Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s are making waves in the mobile market vying with each other, to up the selling quotient. The new products compete with each other in all aspects of design, size and structure. Jam packed with goodies, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s smartphones are the current rage among hard core festival choppers. Choose the best buy for you and ring in the festive season with a brand new mobile in hand. […]

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Block unwanted number on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Do you hate getting calls or annoying messages from unwanted callers? If you don’t link being bothered by people you don’t don’t want to talk to or get messages from here are a few simple steps you can do on your phone and block those contacts. In case in future if you want to unblock them you can do that by following the same steps. Blocking Unwanted Call 1. Go to Settings > My Device 2. Tap on Call menu 3. Then tap on Call Rejection > Auto Reject List. 4. Add the contact number to the list and click Save  Blocking Unwanted SMS 1. [...]

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How To Close background apps in Samsung galaxy s4

Samsung galaxy S4 allows multitasking and going in between apps. That is you can listen to you music and email at the same time. But once you are done emailing and you go to home screen or any other app your previously used apps are still running in the background – which means your battery is getting drained and your data plan is being used without being you aware of it. To save battery and your data plan (of course when you are not near a WiFi hot spot) you need to complete close your apps running background. This is how [...]

How to take screenshot in HTC One

HTC One is one of the best HTC and an android OS phones in the market these days. It has a physical display of 4.7 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution, Quad core 1700 MH Krait 300 processor,  2048 MB RAM system memory, with 32 GB built-in storage, 4 Megapixel camera and 2.1 Megapixel front camera and other specs are Light sensor, Proximity sensor, and Scratch-resistant glass. Taking a screenshot is a very common thing you want your smart phone to do. Initially there was a need to install apps to do this for you but now this can be achieved [...]

How To Close background apps in iOS 7

Who would not love to save your phone's battery. Background apps are the biggest culprits in draining your iPhone's battery. You think it was easier to turn off those background running apps in iOS 5 or iOS6. But believe me they made it even easier in iOS7. Every new update they come up with, they figure out ways to make things easier and easier for user like us. Here's how you would close those background apps in new iOS7: 1. Double tap your Home button. 2. You can see the screens minimizing and showing you the background apps in thumbnail sizes in a [...]

How To Sync your contact between Gmail and iPhone without iTunes

You will use the steps when you wat to sync your contacts between Gmail account and iPhone. It will work both the way with this method. If this what you are looking for here are the steps: 1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account… and select the Gmail. I am using Gmail as an example but this syncing contact between iPhone and email will work for all email account capable of syncing through Microsoft Exchange. iPhone Settings Page iPhone Mail Contacts Calendars 2. Enter details as explained below 3. Email – Gmail email [...]

How to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail/Google with iTunes

Its a good habit to keep a backup of your contacts at different locations like your computer or iCloud and your gmail account, yes your gmail can save your iPhone contacts. You dont want to create a Facebook status writing your friends to text you their number. Instead it would be way easier to back them up and then restore them when ever need. Follow these step you want to save a copy of your contact in your Gmail. It is always advisable to backup your contacts, calendars and other information to multiple resources like iCloud and iTunes. […]

How to play music through Siri on iPhone

Siri is one of the finest innovations that Apple has introduced. Before it was introduced with the iOS 6 update, most people weren’t even sure of having a ‘talking smart phone’, but when the impact of Siri was revealed, a lot of people realized that it made their lives much easier. Rather than using their hands to use their phones, Siri could be configured to respond to a person’s voice, allowing them to get stuff done without even using their fingers on the phone. Most importantly, Siri is more than just your average mobile phone voice assistant. Siri can get you [...]

How to jailbreak iPhone 4 using JailBreakMe

With the newest release of JailBreakMe 3.0 (known as Jailbreakme saffron) you will be able to jail break iOS 4.3 devices and older. If you want to jail break the newer iOS devices there are other ways which we will discuss soon. So getting back to our topic, jailbreaking with this free tool just requires a few simple steps to be followed and your device is jail broken with the use of your in-built mobile browser Safari. With the Jailbreakme 3.0 version you will only be able to break following iDevices 1. iPad 1G (iOS 4.3 through iOS 4.3.3) 2. iPad [...]

How to get turn by turn directions through Siri using Google maps

Did you know that Siri is not only one of the most effective digital assistants that you can get through your iPhone, but you can also use it for navigational purposes? There are very few phones that provide such accurate voice recognition systems as Siri, and the iPhone’s handy assistant can now also act as your digital co pilot as well. You can use it to get turn by turn directions wherever you go, and it can also get you to any location by just asking for it. Well, once you have reached the destination that you were going for, did [...]