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How to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail/Google with iTunes

Its a good habit to keep a backup of your contacts at different locations like your computer or iCloud and your gmail account, yes your gmail can save your iPhone contacts. You dont want to create a Facebook status writing your friends to text you their number. Instead it would be way easier to back them up and then restore them when ever need. Follow these step you want to save a copy of your contact in your Gmail. It is always advisable to backup your contacts, calendars and other information to multiple resources like iCloud and iTunes. […]

How to jailbreak iPhone 4 using JailBreakMe

With the newest release of JailBreakMe 3.0 (known as Jailbreakme saffron) you will be able to jail break iOS 4.3 devices and older. If you want to jail break the newer iOS devices there are other ways which we will discuss soon. So getting back to our topic, jailbreaking with this free tool just requires a few simple steps to be followed and your device is jail broken with the use of your in-built mobile browser Safari. With the Jailbreakme 3.0 version you will only be able to break following iDevices 1. iPad 1G (iOS 4.3 through iOS 4.3.3) 2. iPad [...]

How to backup & restore iPhone contacts to iCloud

Every once in a while it happens that your phone freezes or crashes and you fear losing all your important data on your phone including your photos, contacts, app and messages. For most of us our contacts are the most important thing and there is nothing worse than recreating your whole phonebook. Losing your memories with the pictures you took is a whole different story. A decade back when the phones were not so smart there was no way to do it but to ask all our contacts to text you with their name and so you can save them again. [...]

How to take screenshot in windows 8, tablet and windows mobile phone

Taking Screenshot on Windows 7 or earlier Until now, taking screenshots on a Windows operating systems included few steps like 1. Pressing Control + Print Screen. 2. Opening Paint or any similar photo editing/saving application. 3. Manually go in and save the screen shot in your desired format and location. Taking Screenshot on Windows 8 With the launch of Windows 8, taking screenshots on the visible windows page has been made easier. This is how you will do it : 1. Hold down the Windows key and press the PrtScn (Print Screen) button on your keyboard at the same time. 2. The screenshot is saved in your Pictures folder in [...]

how to shut down windows 8

How to shut down windows 8 pc is the most frequent question I am being asked by many of my friends and family members all the time. And as there is no Start menu and the Start button on the left corner of your windows 8 OS anymore and so is the “Shut Down” button.  So how would you shut your Windows down?  For this new operating system Sleep is the new shut down and leaving your computer in sleep mode is going to use very little power and you can get your PC back into Start mode really fast. But [...]

How to delete Facebook Account permanently

It seems you are tired of your Facebook account and want to delete your account permanently. So if you are browsing through the website figuring out how to delete your account you can follow these simple steps and say good bye to Facebook forever: 1. Log in into Facebook your account. 2. Backup important data - before you reach that big word “delete” you make sure you have all your data saved with you.  Click on the Gear icon on the top right corner and select the option “Account Settings”. Facebook Account Settings 3. Click “Download a copy of [...]

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How to add parental controls on iphone or ipad

Tired of having your kids scrolling all over your applications, pictures, misusing camera and internet and messing up your documents? A lot of parents are! Children love to delve in to iPhones and iPads, and it is unlikely that your child will be any different. However, a lot of parents usually store important files, contacts and information on their Apple devices, so how do you prevent your kid from snooping around your phone or tablet and causing damage? Well, there’s a very simple solution for it, and that is to add parental controls on your iPhone or iPad! Here are the [...]

How to add additional email addresses to iMessage

Apple's iMessage is one of the most handy and useful features that people use with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Mac computers. It is similar to Blackberry’s BBM service, but since it is capable of being used on all of the different Apple devices, the scope is much larger. You can send messages and pictures and all kinds of media through iMessage, making it a very popular interface for Apple users around the globe. First introduced with iOS 5, iMessage quickly became a very popular figure. However, it requires users to associate their device with an account, which will be used [...]

How to manually transfer media to your iPhone with iTunes 11

If you have an iPhone, iPod or an iPad, you will likely want to input the songs and media that you have on your computer in order to enhance its functionality. However, in order to prevent piracy, Apple doesn’t offer a complete mass storage device option. Instead, if you wish to connect your iPhone/ iPod or iPad to your computer, you must install Apple’s stand alone media management program, which goes by the name of iTunes. iTunes is available on Apple’s official website, and can be downloaded for free. Once you have downloaded iTunes, here’s how to get started: Transfer [...]

How to set a song as ringtone on iPhone

For many people, the present ringtones that are made available within the iOS aren’t really up to the mark. Very few people prefer the shrill sound of a standard telephone, which is why setting a song on your iPhone as a ringtone is a great idea. And because there very few default ringtones provided by iPhones you get confused on whose phone is ringing where are a soem iPhone users sitting in the same room. It always happens to my workplace and everyone starts checking their phones and then laugh out load after realizing it wasn't their phone..:D. We always have [...]