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How To Setup And Host Website With GoDaddy

Do you want to have a personalized website like Now that you are here reading this post it means you have decided to setup and host a website on your own. I have done this a lot of times, but let me tell you something before we can get started. Setting up and hosting a website on your own is a time consuming process (especially if you are new to it) and may/or may not save you a lot of can give it a go if you are just looking to jump into learning something new! In this post I will [...]

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How to Set Up iCloud Service

Do you know about iCloud? What is it? When setting up your new Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod gadget, somewhere the word iCloud pops up. What is iCloud? Get to know about the backup service with synchronizing facility, that is an Apple patented find. The best news is that iCloud is a free service. […]

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Simple and Easy Steps to Unlock Your BlackBerry

Do not forget to unlock your BlackBerry when on the move. Gain on money and reduce on spending. Do not block local carriers from your BlackBerry as it will only add to your expenses. Unlock and remove restrictions from your device so that, other carriers can find your BlackBerry. Where can you unlock codes from? You can get codes to unlock your BlackBerry device from your carrier or a third-party, provided that your contract is fulfilled. […]

How to use iMessage for mapping locations

A lot of people hold the common belief that iMessage is primarily a messaging application and nothing more. However, Apple has introduced a number of different features within the iMessage app, bringing it on par with WhatsApp and other top of the line messaging apps that are currently available in the market. The good thing about using iMessage is that for people who don’t have a smart phone associated with it and are using an iPad or an iPod Touch, this app is a great option to use. All you have to do is to associate your iMessage app with your [...]

How to print directly from your iPhone or iPad

The iPad is one of the most productive tools on the market, and it is certainly more than just a device for playing games. Easily one of the best tablets in the market, the iPad is capable of easily transferring files and getting a lot of stuff done. Did you know that the iPad can effectively function as a smaller sized replacement for your desktop computer? Obviously, it can’t perform all of the same functions as your desktop computer, but a lot of things can be done in a similar manner, such as writing documents, saving them, and even printing them [...]

How To Close background apps in Samsung galaxy s4

Samsung galaxy S4 allows multitasking and going in between apps. That is you can listen to you music and email at the same time. But once you are done emailing and you go to home screen or any other app your previously used apps are still running in the background – which means your battery is getting drained and your data plan is being used without being you aware of it. To save battery and your data plan (of course when you are not near a WiFi hot spot) you need to complete close your apps running background. This is how [...]

How to take screenshot in HTC One

HTC One is one of the best HTC and an android OS phones in the market these days. It has a physical display of 4.7 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution, Quad core 1700 MH Krait 300 processor,  2048 MB RAM system memory, with 32 GB built-in storage, 4 Megapixel camera and 2.1 Megapixel front camera and other specs are Light sensor, Proximity sensor, and Scratch-resistant glass. Taking a screenshot is a very common thing you want your smart phone to do. Initially there was a need to install apps to do this for you but now this can be achieved [...]

How To Close background apps in iOS 7

Who would not love to save your phone's battery. Background apps are the biggest culprits in draining your iPhone's battery. You think it was easier to turn off those background running apps in iOS 5 or iOS6. But believe me they made it even easier in iOS7. Every new update they come up with, they figure out ways to make things easier and easier for user like us. Here's how you would close those background apps in new iOS7: 1. Double tap your Home button. 2. You can see the screens minimizing and showing you the background apps in thumbnail sizes in a [...]

How To Sync your contact between Gmail and iPhone without iTunes

You will use the steps when you wat to sync your contacts between Gmail account and iPhone. It will work both the way with this method. If this what you are looking for here are the steps: 1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account… and select the Gmail. I am using Gmail as an example but this syncing contact between iPhone and email will work for all email account capable of syncing through Microsoft Exchange. iPhone Settings Page iPhone Mail Contacts Calendars 2. Enter details as explained below 3. Email – Gmail email [...]

How to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail/Google with iTunes

Its a good habit to keep a backup of your contacts at different locations like your computer or iCloud and your gmail account, yes your gmail can save your iPhone contacts. You dont want to create a Facebook status writing your friends to text you their number. Instead it would be way easier to back them up and then restore them when ever need. Follow these step you want to save a copy of your contact in your Gmail. It is always advisable to backup your contacts, calendars and other information to multiple resources like iCloud and iTunes. […]