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Top 10 Online Accounting, Bookkeeping & Invoicing Software

Incoming cash is the backbone of any business. Without a healthy cash inflow, your business won't survive. Creating invoices on a timely manner is very important to get paid on time and if you are a freelancer, small business owner or blogger then you are well aware of it. But thankfully there is quite a few invoicing software available on the market now that will take care of your bookkeeping. For a newbie, it can be difficult to decide on which one to go with, so I have done the research and have listed the most popular ones, each with its own set of pros and [...]

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Smartest tool to analyze your competitors SEMrush

Every online marketeers, lot of business owner and digital marketers always try to reinvent the wheel for digital marketing. They always try to find big ideas and in doing so they spend so much time and resources. But there are a lot of easier ways to solve that issue and avoid a headache. Easiest way to learn is do to so from your competitors. I know a lot you might be thinking "if there's competition its hard for me to succeed as there are a lot of others with whom I will be competing against!" But think about it this way, more competition [...]

5 Types Of eCommerce Platforms To Start Your Online Store

Are you business owner or an entrepreneur looking to start your own online eCommerce business? Do you want to get your eCommerce website up and running in just a few days. Here I will explain you how you can start your eCommerce website, up and running for less then $300. Yest you heard it right, in less than $3oo! This step by step guide will help you in understanding what you will need? Where can you get help from? What to look for? And how much it will cost? There are many types of ready-made eCommerce platforms out there and I will talk about [...]

8 Twitter Tools To Boost Your Productivity

There are only 24 hours in a day and so much to do! Do you ever feel that? I always wish there were more hours to a day so I can work more and accomplish a lot more than what I currently do. But thankfully there are tools available to do so when it comes to productivity with Twitter. Its very important to focus on social media marketing with so many users using it as a means to decide whether to go with a brand or not. No matter what your goal on social media marketing is: brand awareness, increase sales or [...]

Smartphones and Tablets apps for designers

Apps for Smartphones and Tablets Are Making Designers Highly Creative The field of designing apps is totally creative. App Designers show their incredibility in app designing. Apps must be created such that every app works on every browser-friendly device. Apps can be used on smartphones, tablets, androids and other browser-friendly devices. An app must possess the feasibility to work under any Operating System and browser. Apps for designers make their work easy to do on the smartphones and tablets. Many apps are available that suits the needs of interior designers, artists and other creative designers. Designers used to design a roughly on papers using pencil. Modern designers use the stylus and tablet for their designing work. At this context, there are some apps designed exclusively for designers that can be used on tablets and smartphones. […]

Simple and basic arithmetic formulas in excel

What is excel formula? Excel formula is program in excel that help you perform different type of calculation without using the calculator or math. This will make your life easier. You can pre write the formula and change any value it will automatically update the total value based on the formula. Excel formula can perform simple to complex math problems. Formula begins with = sign. The best way to use formula is use cell reference. If you decide to move the formula cell then you can just cut paste or copy paste into new cell. It will not change any value. Here i will show you different type of formula that can be used in daily life. How to calculate total using formula that will update its total if any number change in formula. You can automate the the work of calculating. […]

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How to play music through Siri on iPhone

Siri is one of the finest innovations that Apple has introduced. Before it was introduced with the iOS 6 update, most people weren’t even sure of having a ‘talking smart phone’, but when the impact of Siri was revealed, a lot of people realized that it made their lives much easier. Rather than using their hands to use their phones, Siri could be configured to respond to a person’s voice, allowing them to get stuff done without even using their fingers on the phone. Most importantly, Siri is more than just your average mobile phone voice assistant. Siri can get you [...]

How to get turn by turn directions through Siri using Google maps

Did you know that Siri is not only one of the most effective digital assistants that you can get through your iPhone, but you can also use it for navigational purposes? There are very few phones that provide such accurate voice recognition systems as Siri, and the iPhone’s handy assistant can now also act as your digital co pilot as well. You can use it to get turn by turn directions wherever you go, and it can also get you to any location by just asking for it. Well, once you have reached the destination that you were going for, did [...]

How to delete Facebook Account permanently

It seems you are tired of your Facebook account and want to delete your account permanently. So if you are browsing through the website figuring out how to delete your account you can follow these simple steps and say good bye to Facebook forever: 1. Log in into Facebook your account. 2. Backup important data - before you reach that big word “delete” you make sure you have all your data saved with you.  Click on the Gear icon on the top right corner and select the option “Account Settings”. Facebook Account Settings 3. Click “Download a copy of [...]

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Problems with my WhatsApp – What do I do?

Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging tools that is used in the world today. With over a hundred million downloads done each on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store, the popularity commanded by this instant messaging app cannot be denounced. At present, it holds a humongous user base and caters to an approximate half of the smart phone user base. So, if there are any problems, here are a few frequently asked questions in order to make your WhatsApp usage much easier: WhatsApp Messenger I can’t install WhatsApp- What do I [...]