How Voice Assistants Might Change Our Lives

The concept of voice recognition is not new. In fact, its earliest documented onset took place in the early 1950’s. It is not until recently however (the last few years) that the technology has advanced to a level of competence required for regular usage. Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are both ascending in popularity, and their respective products have become part of homeowners’ everyday lives. Most have probably heard phrases like “Alexa, play my favorite song.” and things of that variety. While it’s true that voice assistants can enhance our lifestyle from an entertainment perspective, their most intriguing benefit might [...]

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The Environment You Work in Should not be Defined by Agile

Some have called colocation common sense among Agile practitioners, I state that it should be common sense that the requirement is not actually very Agile. What is more agile; picking a particular city and only having access to employees from that city, or having access to employees all over the world? The answer is - it depends on your situation, not on an Agile requirement. “Agile is a generic or ‘umbrella’ term for an operational framework or methodology that strives to keep a focus on requirements by using adaptive approaches and continuous improvement practices.” - WHAT IS AGILE? Here, I [...]

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How Technology Can Help You Improve Your Candidate Experience

LinkedIn 2018 Global Recruiting Trends reveal a new hiring trend that is coming up this year. Hiring managers are killing it with more strategic hiring.  Hiring managers are willing to discover more high-potential and experienced talent. The four basic trends that were revealed in 2018 say that 9000 talent leaders and hiring managers across the globe are looking for: Diversity New interviewing tools Data Artificial Intelligence All recruiters are not able to do so. To hire the diversified talent, you need technological help. Technological help will undoubtedly improve your candidature. The future of recruiting lies in Diversity, new tools, data [...]

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Why Get A Wireless Thermostat?

Why Get A Wireless Thermostat? It didn't take longer than a few months for me to fall in love with my wireless thermostat. However, if you're anything like my friends then you're wondering how it can be that great. It's just a thermostat, so it can't be that amazing. Right? I'm not here to tell you what to do, but I think it's important that I tell you the benefits I've gotten since my purchase. There is something to keep in mind, however. "Wireless" likely doesn't mean what you think it means. There are wires, and the thermostat will be [...]

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5 Tips For First Time FPV Racing Enthusiasts

FPV racing is an adrenaline pumping experience that no other form of racing can match. And if you are planning to get a drone soon so that you can start participating in FPV races, then you need to train yourself to achieve the skills necessary to excel at flying drones. Below, we list out five tips that can help first-time FPV racers become better at racing their drones quickly. Get Good Practice Make sure you practice FPV flying very well in a simulator before you start using the real thing. Spending numerous hours on the simulator will familiarize yourself with [...]

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Tips For Buying Industrial Equipment Through Online Auctions

One great way to save money on industrial equipment is by purchasing it through online auctions. Before you place your first bid, however, consider familiarizing yourself with the following tips. By doing so, you can get a great price on a high-quality piece of equipment.   Research Your Purchase Ahead Of Time When you find an item that you are interested in bidding on, you should learn as much as you can about it before you place your bid. Bids are binding on the vast majority of auction sites. That means that if you accidentally place a bid that is [...]

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